The Story of Rolling Hills
Nestled on 17 hectares of undulating topography amidst a backdrop of the Kanlandog and Kanlaon mountain ranges sits Rolling Hills Memorial Park. Aptly named due to its hilly contour, the park is Bacolod’s first to embrace the beauty, solemnity and serenity of nature by incorporating these qualities into the concept and design of the park.

Built in 1981, Rolling Hills Memorial Park almost became phase 3 of the adjacent housing communities of Jesusa Heights and Sunshine Valley Subdivisions, in Barangay Estefania, owned by the late Claudio Alunan and his spouse Jesusa Ramos Alunan. Their family felt then that this was the most beneficial use of the converted sugarcane plantation which through the years have produced very poor crop yields. One day, in the late 1970’s, son-in-law and presently Philippine Sports Commissioner Monico O. Puentevella and his wife Josefa "Patching" Alunan Puentevella had a dream of building Bacolod’s first and biggest nature-friendly memorial park. It was Monico Puentevella’s perseverance and legwork that made the dream a reality.

As of 1998, Rolling Hills Memorial Park has had the distinct privilege of serving more than 3,700 families in helping them during their time of need. The development of the park's 17 hectares has reached 80% of the total area within the last 17 years of operation. The initial planning and concept of Rolling Hills Memorial Park has been greatly influenced and guided by nationally renowned Manila Memorial Park. Master planner and well-respected marketing guru of Manila Memorial Park, the late Clyde Williams Jr. helped to create the vision and promise of Rolling Hills. Putting the thoughts into the canvass was Architect Alfonso Alovera, who put the final plan into place. The contributions of Clyde Williams Jr. have been enormous to the development of the park. His passing away in 1991 was commemorated by naming the park’s first reception hall in his honor.

In 1987, Rolling Hills Memorial chapels was built out of the need to go full circle in providing the complete service to bereaved families. It was Monico Puentevella who again initiated the thrust and provided all the resources, the will, and the energy to make this dream come alive. With the help of God Almighty, the chapels expanded in Cebu in 1994. The Cebu chapels boasts one of the largest and most modern memorial chapel facility in the province of Cebu.

The story of Rolling Hills started out of Monico and Patching Alunan Puentevella’s propensity to serve the community. The legacy of the Rolling Hills organization is its contributions to the community, improving the quality of it’s natural surroundings, providing the best quality customer service that can be expected from the name of Rolling Hills and is equated with business tempered by compassion and caring.

In the coming millennium, it is Rolling Hills’ strong commitment to pursue and continue the dream of providing the best service and promoting comfort to those who come to us in their time of greatest sorrow. The story of Rolling Hills shall live on as long as the need to serve our community is there, as long as mankind appreciates God’s gifts, and as long as we will need … a place for tomorrow.


written in May 1999

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