Rolling Hills Memorial Park and Chapels
Bacolod City, Neg. Occidental, Philippines
Memorial Industry Beautiful Sights Resources  Bacolod and Filipino Sites
Forest Lawn Memorial Parks 
Internet Cremation Society 
Batesville Casket Company 
Ataudes de la Frontera 
White Light Artistic Caskets 
Funeral Cards Online 
American Floral Services 
Roberts & Downey Chapel Furniture 
Memorial Videos 
Internet Memorials 
Internet Obituary Network 
Angel Art Gallery  
Nature World 
Holographic Art Gallery 
Titanic Holography Project 
Pictures of Comets and the Night Sky 
Yosemite Scenic Views Archive 
Aperture Gallery Landscapes 
Milford Sound in New Zealand 
Romantic Italy (slideshow) 
Mongolia's Nature Scenery 
Jingu Kogo - Samurai Warrior 
Aussie Beach 
Utah When It Was UNDERWATER! 
Bali Sunset (Java Applet) 
Sculpture of Ephesus 
Bereavement Resources 
Cyberlife Eternal Foundation (recording lives of mankind for posterity via the internet) 
Living When Your Spouse Has Passed 
Grief: A Time To Heal 
Death of a Co-Worker 
Everybody's Role in Helping the Bereaved 
When Parent/s Pass Away 
A Parent's Grief 
Third Age: Take The Real Age Quiz 
Daily Tips on Healthy Habits 
Parent Problem Solver
Guide To Negros Occidental 
Balay Negrense Museum 
City of Bacolod's Web Page 
University of St. La Salle 
UpperGround (music bar) 
Negros Navigation Tours 
Bacolod Weblinq 
Filipino Links (Tanikalang Ginto) 
Islands of the Philippines
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