(The Victor F. Gaston House, 1898)

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(THE VICTOR F. GASTON HOUSE, 1898) Cinco de Noviembre St., Silay City 6116, Negros Occidental, Philippines

Yves Leopoldo Germain Gaston, a Frenchman from Lisieux, is credited for being the first to generate widescale interest in cultivating sugarcane on a commerical scale. His "Horno Econocomico" is the precursor of the present day sugar mill which produced prime quality sugar in its time.

His son, Victor, began construction of the house shortly after he was widowed in 1898. Together with his brood of 12 children, Victor took residence a 05 de Noviember St., Silay City, from 1901 until his death in 1927.

The house was constructed during the heydey of Silay, then the economic and cultural center of Negros. It is probably one of the biggest of the colonial homes in Silay. It boasts of 12 bedrooms, six on each floor, and a basketball court sized living room on the second floor. Delicately cut and carved wooden panels serve as ventilation between rooms. The windows are exquisitely etched and overlook sprawling gardens which undoubtedly were the setting of countless festive events.

Balay Negrense at night

Before it was abandoned, the house became the venue for a ballet school run by one of Victor's descendants in the 1970's. For this purpose, the partitions of the two bedrooms on the first floor were knocked down. Since then, they have been left as is.

After a decade of neglect, the house has reemerged with all of its former opulence and this time, it is not the chosen few, but the whole Negros that can bask and share it its splendor.




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