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ROTARY CLUB OF BACOLOD EAST Youth Football Development Program Rotary Bacolod East football logo 

One of the major thrust of the Rotary Club of Bacolod East, as part of the activities of the Rotary Club of Bacolod East Community Service Committee, has been the DEVELOPMENT OF THE YOUTH in our city. 

The members of the club have decided that the best way that it can contribute towards attaining this objective is through SPORTS DEVELOPMENT. Sports provides a healthy avenue to direct the youth, as future citizens of the country, towards the development of manpower conscious of competition and fair play. The Youth Football Development Program is an age under-12 soccer competition. 

The Youth Football Development Program is a values formation program. The Rotary Club of Bacolod East hopes to engender values in the youth and the communities from where they come from, human qualities that will be conductive to social cooperation towards a socially aware and nationally conscious patriotic citizenry. 

The RC Bacolod East aims to use this program to instill positive ideals, like the competitive spirit, love of country and other spiritual values such as honesty, thrift, sportsmanship and hard-work; towards building a new generation of Filipinos. 

The RC Bacolod East is a copy of the successful Dumaguete City assisted RC Dumaguete East Youth Football Development Program. The RC Bacolod East and the RC Dumaguete East have a club brotherhood agreement to further improve the program 

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I. Background: In the Rotary Year 1994-95 

In the Rotary Year 1994-95, the motto of Rotary Clubs "Service above Self" includes, in all Club activities, a strong component of community service. One of the major thrust of the Rotary Club of Bacolod East in that year, as part of the activities of the Rotary Club of Bacolod East Community Service Committee, has been the DEVELOPMENT OF THE YOUTH in our city. 

The members of the club have decided that the best way that it can contribute towards attaining this objective is through SPORTS DEVELOPMENT. Sports provides a healthy avenue to direct the youth, as future citizens, towards national manpower building. The Rotary Club of Bacolod East hopes to engender values in the youth and the communities from where they come from, human qualities that will be conducive to social cooperation towards a socially aware and nationally conscious citizenry. 

The Rotary Club of Bacolod East is, therefore, embarking on this project of Youth Football Development Program which has been carried out successfully by the Rotary Club of Dumaguete East in the past five Rotary years. Last Rotary year the RC Dumaguete East kicked off the fifth edition of the program in October 1997. 

Following the RC of Dumaguete East concept, the RC of Bacolod East was able to successfully conduct a one month World Cup format elimination of 24 teams from the public and private schools of Bacolod City for ages under 12 years old with great success, in the summers of 1995 and 1998. 

The  first  two programs success, sponsored by Alaska Milk and McDonalds respectively, inspired the club to  embark again on the third version of the tournament for next summer 1999, maintaining the RC Bacolod-East Youth Football program hopes to extol Philippine heroes. 

Our program encouraged the Department of Education, Culture and Sports to include the under 12 footballers in the Palarong Pambansa, the national games. We believe that our program will indeed enhance the overall interest and standard of football in the Philippines. 

It is for this reason, that the Board of Directors of the RC of Bacolod East has passed a resolution no. 15, RY 1998-99 to continue the project for this current Rotary year 1998-99.  The RC Bacolod East's ability to conduct the Youth Football Project depends on having a title sponsor.  As soon as a title sponsor has accepted the terms and conditions of title sponsorship, the program is intitiated. The Club accepts sponsorship on a first acceptance, first serve basis.  The number of teams depends on the amount accumulated by the Club to conduct the project. 

The RC Bacolod East Youth Football Development Program has always been ambitious to include the street children and the homeless in its project.  It hopes to develop a football park where the children may just congregate to find their balls and playmates and where the Club members can continue their direction in personal and human development. This would be done through counseling during their attendance in football clinics. It has already donated a pair goal posts to a  park in Gardenville Subdivision, Tangub, Bacolod City.  The  residents in this community are lower middle class (US$6000-US$10,1000 annual income per annum) by Philippine standards and surrounded by poor communities with children going to public schools of the city.  Developing the field to make it an all- weather field should cost USD2,500.  With a grass cutter (US$500), children may  be able to play year round.  A trainer will cost US$100.00 a month. 

The Club wouldl be willing to establish several in the city to help the homeless and the streetchildren of Bacolod City.  Another location which is an ideal site for a bootball park is the Mansilingan Relocation Rehabilitation Project Elementary School at Barangay Handumanan, Bacolod City.  This is a relocation housing area for squatters of the city. 

The Club hopes to gather the alumni of the program to form a nucleus of  Rotary Interact group. 
To summarize financial requirements for sustaining one football park and youth football clubs under the RC Bacolod East youth football program: 

 II. Football Park : Development : 
Field Development landfilling, earthmoving, planning, grass etc (One time) 
Equipment: Grass Cutter
Annual:  One trainer/coach 
Balls and equipment 40 balls @ US$ 25.00 
Maintenaqnce  grass cutting, lining, nets 
Videos, Lectures, Awards, Snacks,  Transport 
Reserve for medical expenses 
The park and the youth club  is a separate fimd from the tournament fund in the following sections.  The park shall be named after the donor responsible for inititaitng amd maintaining the field. 
The park shall be established in a place guaranteed to be used for the purpose of RC Bacolod East Youth Football Development program. 
In the future, we hope to attract commercial sponsors to take over the maintenance of the program. 
Savings shall be invested to make the park a self sustaining project.. 

These dreams for the homeless and the street  children are contained in the goals and objectives of current RI President for RY 1998-99, Pres.  James L. Lacy. 

Table of Contents

PE Rtn. Alfredo Bustamante III Project Director 
PP Rtn. Philip Abello  Vice-Director
Rtn. Opel Paredes Chairman, Sports & Fellowship Committee
Pres Rtn. Nelson Deles Member
DIR Rtn. Rogelito Sy Member
DIR Rtn. Francis Ramos Treasurer
Rtn. Virgilio Manguilimotan  Member for Audit & Financial Report
Dr. Bonifacio Avelino  Member for Medical Examination
PP Atty. Ramon Deleriarte Member for Legal Matters
Mr. Henry Villalva Member for NOPSCEA
Dir. Teodosio M. Borres Member for DECS
Rtn. Al Espino Member for Barangay Liaison.

Table of Contents


1. Each of the schools or Bacolod City Barangay (lowest political community) invited to the Youth Football Development Program will organize one football team. The school shall have the freedom to incorporate into its team players from adjoining barangays, who are students of the school. The program shall be for Group D for ages 10-12. 

2. Each team shall have seven playing members with four substitutes. 

3. The football fields at any venue shall have the following dimensions; 30 m x 22.5 or a playing field of 675 sq. m. This will give each boy an adequate period of contact with the ball during each match.The goal size shall be 4 m wide x 2 m high. Playing time shall be 25-30 minutes per half. 

4. All participating school teams will be divided into groups of 4 teams each, the first two of each group playing for the second round. The first division shall go into a third round quarterfinals of ten teams and the remaining five shall play in the semi-finals until two top teams will battle the finals. Time and resources permitting the second division of first round drop outs shall also have a divisional elimination. 

5. The RC Bacolod East shall play the RC Dumaguete East champions in an added feature. 

6. Depending on the response of the sponsors, the games are scheduled for April 1998 to May 1998 and the number of teams participating shall be determined by Jan. 18, 1998. Should there be a deficiency in funds per budget, the size of the tournament shall be determined, scaled down from the maximum and the participating slots raffled equitably. Applications shall be entertained on a first-come-first-serve basis. 

7. All applicants are required to submit copies of their birth certificates to ensure that they belong to the proper age group. Participants must be 10 years old by July 1, 1997 and must not be over twelve years old by June 30, 1998. 

8. All applicants are required to undergo physical examination; those diagnosed unfit shall not be qualified in the programs. 

9. Due to the numbers of children who may want to participate, the school officials shall screen the participants, in an elimination process, through excellence standards, e.g. like academic excellence, school deportment and such other standards deemed proper. This will inculcate among the youth the need for excellence. The school officials through their appointed sports coordinator are given full autonomy in choosing the players, although the RC of Bacolod East shall provide guidelines so that the selection process shall be as fair as possible with no favoritism and biases. 

10. All school entries participating in this program will be given an accident and life insurance coverage for the duration of the tournament. 

11. All participants shall be provided with proper shoes and uniform. 

12. Each participant will receive a Certificate of Participation at the end of the games. 

Table of Contents


1. The games shall be scheduled after the groupings have been established. 

2. The schedule of the games shall be printed and disseminated so that all participating schools will know their appointed date, time and venue for their match. 

3. Except for the reduced number of players from the standard eleven to seven and a Scaled-down-sizing of the football field, the referees and linesmen, shall officiate the games according to FIFA rules. This will include such matters as goals scored for and against in cases of determining a tie. The rules of game extension after a tie during the finals shall also apply. Final determination of a tied final shall also be determined by shoot-outs. 

Table of Contents


The cost of equipping a team with appropriate outfits, setting up goals, providing soft drinks during the matches, paying for qualified referees and advertising the competition will amount to approximately P20,000.00 per team. If the total amount of sponsorship cannot met the targeted cost figure, the organizing committee pares down, amenities given to participants such as football shoes and uniforms given to participants of the programs.  Also, the actual number of participating teams will be determined once the total amount of sponsors donations is known.  A letter of commitment to title sponsor the project is required from interested companies. 

Based on our cost estimates, the sponsor's donations have been set as follows: 
    For International Donors
1.Title Sponsor for: P 100,000.00 US$ 3,000 
Main Sponsor for: P 30,000.00 US$ 1,000 
Please read second to the last paragraph of section I. History for further clarification. Afifty percent downpayment refundable deposit is also required with the letter of commitment. 

2. Should any leftover funds materialize, this amount shall be placed in a football trust fund to finance this yearly project. 

3. A prominent accounting firm shall audit the expenses for submission to all interested parties and to the sponsors of the program.  Actually, the programs auditors has been Joaquin Cunanan & Co., Philippine partners of Price , Waterhouse and Co. 

4.  Unaudited financial proforma statement is mailed to Sponsors pending release of audited financial statements from the program auditors.  Books of accounts may be inspected anytime on request and expenditures are published in the Club's weekly newletter Sidlangan in the course of spending for the projects.  Budgets are prepared and approved by the Club's Board.  Each major expenditure is approved before any disbursement which is countersigned by two authorized signatories. 

Table of Contents


1. The Title Sponsor shall have their trade name or company name color printed in the title of the program e.g. "The XXXXXX Youth Football Development Program", in every announcement, promotion, advertisement, banners and billboard. 

2. The Sponsors will be shown on our local YES cable TV in a 60 second TV commercial promoting Rotary Youth Football Development Program; as a result of an endorsement by the Dept. of Education, Culture and Sports of the tournament of the Program. 

3. The Sponsors A-Board will be visible on TV as a result of an agreement between the RC of Bacolod East Youth Football Development Organizing Committee and YES Cable to telecast a 30 minutes video of the highlights of the tournament results. 

4. The main sponsors shall have a colored individual streamer or sign placard measuring 13.1 ft x 36 inches (4 m x .91 m) bearing the logo or seal and company name displayed in the border areas of the playing field. The main sponsors will also be featured in every radio and TV program that the RC Bacolod East will have in the preparation and during the conduct of the tournament. The main sponsor shall have product exclusivity. 

5. A finely color painted GI sheet billboard 12' x 36' which will bear the logo of all the main sponsors with the title sponsor and the Rotary Club of Bacolod East will be erected as early as December 1998 to stay until the next games for the next Rotary year even after the games scheduled in February - March of 1999. This billboard will be prominently placed at the city entrance.However, should we fail to have a Title Sponsor, we shall not be able to put up this 12' x 36' billboard since a major portion of the Title Sponsor's contribution will go towards the cost of the billboard. 

6. A one-page advertisement in the Bacolod Daily Star to announce the commencement of the competition will acknowledge the Title and Main sponsors, their names and logo will be printed in the one page ad. Other minor donors will have their contribution acknowledged in a line- ad. 

7. Advertisement on Radio and TV on the games will also include the name of the title and main sponsors. Company names will be mentioned in all press conferences and releases which we intend to have, in maximizing publicity for the program. 

8. The Title and Main sponsors shall be given product or industry exclusivity on a first come first serve basis signified by payment of the first installment. 

9. Only one title sponsor will be accepted. There will only be a need for twelve main sponsors. There are sixty elementary public and private schools in Bacolod City. 

10. Sponsors should provide the Rotary Youth Football Program Secretariat a copy of their exact logo and layout in color and in black and white, as they would desire it to appear in all promotional avenues that the Rotary Club of Bacolod East may use in announcing the tournament. 

11. Sponsors will also be recognized in the values formation aspect of the program through the planned 4H club activities that the RC Bacolod East plan to initiate among the participants of the program. One of the 4H club activities is to farm out animals to children for them to raise and eventually market, teaching them entrepreneurship early. 

12. A full page ad with accompanying feature article about the project of the donors, will be published in the Philippine Rotarian with articles about the project. 

13. Donors, with their companies' logos, will also be featured on the Rotary Club of Bacolod East website. 

14. Any other and all form of recognition possible that may be suggested by the donors themselves that will be within the budget provided to acknowledge donor' contribution.  The donor's may also provide their own promotional materials at the site of the games e.g. buntings, banners and the like. 

Table of Contents


The Rotary Club of Bacolod East would require a 50% down payment from the sponsors for pre-operating expenses. The final 50% installment shall be due on or before the opening ceremonies on February 28, 1999. For more information, please write us or e-mail the Club at our addresses.. 

Please make your checks payable to the Rotary Club of Bacolod East Foundation, Inc. Remittances may be made by wire transfer for debit to the account of the foundation. Please remit to the Rotary Club of Bacolod East Foundation S/A 1419-37996-0, Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation, Rizal Locsin Sts., Bacolod City. 

The Rotary Club of Bacolod East Foundation Inc. is a non-stock and non-profit foundation of the members of the Rotary Club of Bacolod East to support its community and charity programs. 

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