A Message from Pres Alfredo Bustamante III
Rotary Club of Bacolod-East

My fellow Rotarians,

       Last Sunday, France won the 16th World Cup for the first time after Jules Rimmet, the Frenchman, had founded FIFA in 1928. The streets of Paris along the famous Champs Elysees towards the Arc de Triomphe was filled with revelers, the numbers, unseen since, the Americans liberated Paris after the end of the Second World War. They chanted that their day of glory has arrived.

       FIFA spent $500M for all the facilities for the 33 day tournament, tickets were sold from $200 to $1500. Black market tickets, for one hour and a half of exciting football, were sold up to $2500 for some important matches. About 3.2 million watched the games in the stadiums, 40 Billion cummulative TV viewers and 750 Million of the world's population were watching the games at any one time. The organizing committee made a profit of 4 Million dollars and the return for the investment is expected to reach 5-fold.

       Our irrigation requirements to reach hundred percent of our 100,000H potential irrigable land in Negros Occidental only nees 6.5 Billion pesos. This will wipe out hunger, poverty and unemployment in our province.

       As I pondered on the June 12, 1998, centennial of the Philippine Revolution, I was wondering how many of us 75 million Filipinos, celebrated our freedom to the French's national anthem's message, the marseillaise, "come children of the motherland, our day of glory has arrived."

       For many of us in the slumping economy of the Philippines, we are probably wondering when can we bring glory for ourselves, our families, our communities, our nation. When can we bring the glory that our work together can provide, the homes that families need, the jobs that can provide our daily bread and an economy vibrant and strong.

       That is a thought for us Rotarians to think about, as we go through antoher beginning of a new Rotary Year, with a new set of leadership; just like our newly installed national political leaders. I ask for you prayers for a new rededication on the Rotary motto, of "Service above Self".

       Let us "Dream our Rotary dreams" for our nations pursuit towards a glory we can truly call our own.

Alfredo Bustamante III
President - RC Bacolod-East

Pres. Alfredo Bustamante III of RC Bacolod-East gives a football to Vice President of the Republic of the Philippines and Department of Social Welfare and Development Secretary, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. The nation's Vice President asked for balls in lieu of the customary plaque of appreciation for her sports for the-street-children concerns.
RI Governor for District 3850 David Villanueva joins Rotary Club of Bacolod-East with brother-club Rotary Club of Dumaguete-East in a photo after the induction ceremonies.

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