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Realizing the need to form a new Rotary Club in Bacolod, the three (3) Presidents of the existing clubs in Bacolod, namely: BERT LIM of R.C. Bacolod, PRIMY VILLANUEVA of R.C. Bacolod-North, and PRESTON BARBASA of R.C. Bacolod-South, mustered together eleven (11) neophytes in October, 1982 to organize the ROTARY CLUB OF BACOLOD-EAST. The late Monic Monozca was designated GSR.

Weekly motivational talks on Rotary were given at Bascon Hotel II. On December 10, 1982, Sonny Elegado was elected CHARTER PRESIDENT of the club. Then District Governor Dodong Laya came on December 17, 1982 from Iligan to sign the Charter Papers of the Rotary Club of Bacolod-East. This was transmitted to Rotary International, and "Bacolod-East" was formally accepted on January 11, 1983. The late GSR Monic Monozca manifested his warm concern, enthusiasm and dedication to live up as the GODFATHER of the Club.

Through the years, the Rotary Club of Bacolod-East has among other things, earmarked the following achievements:

Club service:
1. Best Club Award (1988-98), and Outstanding Club Award (1989-90) from District 3850;
2. Hosted PETS/DISTAS for Western Visayas, Interclub Forum for Negros and Co-Host of DISCON ’90;
3. District Award for Club Service, World Community Service, Rotary Information and Club Bulletin;
4. Sponsored the formation of the Rotary Club of Bacolod-West and Rotary Club of Bacolod-Marapara;
5. R.I. President Distinguished Club Citation;
6. Three-times Champion, Negros Rotary Bowling Tournament;
7. Sponsored CP Sonny Elegado as 3850 District Governor for 1992-93;
8. Hosted the 1st Tri-District Sportsfest for District 3850, 3860 and 3870;
9. Established the Rotary Club of Bacolod-East Foundation, Inc. to fund its various projects.
Vocational Service:
1. Sponsored "Search for Outstanding Social Worker in Bacolod";
2. Conducts yearly Career Orientation Program in selected high schools in Bacolod;
3. Places "4-Way Test" billboards in various strategic places in Bacolod.
Community Service:
1. Organized the Bacolod Citizens for Unity and Peace Foundation (BAC-UP);
2. Organized the Rotary Village Corps of Gardenville and Valladolid;
3. Sponsored and provided assistance for the performance of the Manila Symphony Orchestra for the benefit of the Bacolod Girls’ Home, Reach Foundation and St. Vincent’s Home for the Aged;
4. Provided shallow well water pumps in various selected places in Bacolod;
5. Provided numerous medical/dental clinics in depressed areas of Bacolod for the last 10 years;
6. Provided assistance to victims of typhoon "Yoning" in San Enrique and typhoon "Ruping" in Ormoc, Leyte and lahar victims of Mt. Pinatubo;
7. Tree planting at the Bacolod-Talisay Highway;
8. Organized a fishing cooperative for fishpond operators in Valladolid;
9. Conduct PTERYGIUM operations in more than 150 patients;
10. Circumcized countless boys form all over Negros Occidental;
11. Sponsored the Ohio Medical Mission to Negros where more than 100 surgical operations were performed;
12. Hosted Christmas parties and outings for residents of the Bacolod Girl’s Home and St. Vincent’s Home for the aged.
13. YFDP OCW Cup sponsored by Alaska Milk Corporation.
14. YFDP Centenial Heroes Cup sponsored by McDonald's Bacolod.
International Service:
1. 4 Paul Harris Fellow, 10 PHSM and 4 Memorial Contributors to Rotary Foundation;
2. Sent overseas 6 members of the Group Study Exchange in 10 years to USA and CANADA;
3. Participated actively in Rotary International Polio Plus projects for the last 5 years;
4. Listed in World Community Service for rehabilitation of Bacolod Central Police Headquarters;
Youth Service:
1. Hosted 10 ROTEX from USA and CANADA; sponsored 12 ROTEX to the USA in 10 years;
2. Organized the Interact Clubs of Bacolod-East and Gardenville, and Rotaract Club of the University of St. La Salle;
3. Sent delegates to RYLA seminars, District conferences and sponsored leadership seminars for Interact and Rotaract;
4. 1997-98 Outstanding Rotaract Club; Barangay 35;
5. 1997-98 Hosted 1 Rotex from Canada, sponsored 1 to the USA.
The Rotary Club of Bacolod-East in the last fifteen (15) years has recruited members from all walks of life and as a group has made significant contribution to make Bacolod a better place to live in while consistently complying with Rotary’s commitment to service, goodwill and world peace and understanding. Its membership remains committed to the ideas of Rotary while promoting wholesome fellowship among its members, their Rotary Anns and their family.

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