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Bustamante, Lozada take leads

13 May 1998 Visayan Daily Star

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     Congressional candidates Edith Villanueva (Independent) of the third district and Apolinario Lozada (Lakas NUCD) of the fifth district were leading in unofficial tabulations of the Department of Interior and Local Government as of 10 p.m. yesterday. 
     Also leading were Genaro Alvarez (NPC) of the sixth district, and Alfredo Bustamante III (Independent), the report submitted by DILG provincial director Rosemary Caunca said. 
     The DILG returns, however,  were partial and inconclusive. 
     In the Congressional race Julio Ledesma IV of the first district and Alfredo MaraƱon of the second district were assured of victories, having ran unopposed. 
     Unofficial tabulations of the DILG of returns in 790 precincts in Negros Occidental showed Gov. Rafael Coscolluela with 65,342 votes to his challenger Mariano Yulo’s (Lakas NUCD) 12,221. 
     In the third district Villanueva was leading with 14,701 votes to Cecilia Lacson (Lakas NUCD) - 11,950 votes. 
     In the 4th district Bustamante had 7,480 votes and Carlos Cojuangco (NPC) had 6,336 votes in the DILG tally. 
     For the fifth district the DILG tally showed Lozada (Lakas NUCD) with 9,622 votes to Enrique Montilla (NPC) 6,778, Gregorio Yulo (Independent) had 1,558 votes and Socorro Tuvilla (Independent) - 732. 
     For congressman Genaro Alvarez (NPC) had 3,458 votes and Reynaldo Novero (Lakas NUCD) had 1,017. 


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