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Back to Home Page   Back to Dodo's page       Pontevedra Mayor Carlos Cojuangco, son of political kingpin Eduardo Cojuangco, filed his certificate of candidacy as an NPC candidate for Negros Occidental's fourth District. But Lakas-NUCD also named him the party's official bet. 
     Suddenly, Alfredo Bustamante III dared where even angels would have been deterred. Under the PROMDI aegis, "Dodo," as Bustamante is called by most, mounted a seemingly quixotic campaign. He drove his own vehicle, equipped with a mobile public address system. Many said they had seen Dodo doing the pasting of his own posters and putting up his own streamers. 
Boo Chanco     It was concededly David-versus-Goliath joust. 
     Suddenly, the surprise. In La Carlota City Bustamante even garnered a slight edge over Cojuangco. In Bago City, NPC-LAMPP bastion, Bustamante reaped 15,370 voters against Cojuangco's 24,490. Of course, nobody expects him to upend Cojuangco. As of yesterday, Cojuangco had grabbed a 23,942 lead over Bustamante. In short, that was not something to jar Cojuangco. But word from Pontevedra said the NPC congressional bet was furious about the outcome. 
     For the issue was not that Bustamante could trounce Cojuangco. But that a lightweight neophyte could challenge the Cojuangco-Lakas juggernaut and romp off with such a big number of votes signaled that there is a strong underlying resentment of the Cojuangco leadership in the Fourth District. A warning that if Charlie plans to make a bid for the governorship of Negros Occidental in the next polls, he must prove himself and undertake a lot of fence mending. 

Boo Chanco

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