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Cojuangco runs as NPC,
challenged by Bustamante
26 March 1998 Visayan Daily Star

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    Despite being named an official candidate of Lakas in the fourth district of Negros Occidental, Pontevedra Mayor Carlos Cojuangco yesterday listed the "Nationalist People's Coalition" as his official party in the Commission on Election.
However, re-electionist Rep. Julio Ledesma (1st district - Negros Occ.), put down the information that he belongs to Lakas-NPC in his certificate of candidacy.
Cojuangco explained that ever since he joined politics, his official party was the NPC that was founded by his father, former Ambassador Eduardo Cojuangco.
I don't want to be separated from my party, he said.
Cojuangco thanked the Lakas leaders for naming him as their official congressional candidate in the fourth district of Negros Occidental.
This only reflects his (good) track record in (public) service, Cojuangco said, referring to his inclusion in the list of Lakas candidates.
Alfredo Benedicto Bustamante III, a stockbroker and farmer, is challenging Cojuangco for the Filing of candidacyfourth congressional seat.
He filed his certificate of candidacy yesterday morning.
Bustamante said his candidacy has nothing to do with whoever is his opponent, as he has been politicized since he was a young person.
"I was born, bred, raised and fed by Negros Occidental," Bustamante said, "and I feel you have to give back what you are to your country."
He said he has an agricultural agenda for his district.
Cojuangco, accompanied by his small children, Claudia and Jaime Eduardo, and his followers, yesterday filed his certificate of candidacy at the COMELEC provincial office in Bacolod City.
When asked about the political plans of his wife, Rio, Cojuangco told reporters to ask her. But he was quick to add that his wife wants that whoever gets elected as governor should give priority to the cause of women and family, and the building of a port of international standards.
With the filing of Cojuangco‘s candidacy, Vice Mayor Jose Benito Alonzo succeeded him as mayor of Pontevedra, Negros Occidental.


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