by Eddie M. Yap

With the onset of La Niña, NOCECO's distribution system is up against the harsh elements. As trees grow fast and taller they again become a source of possible power interruptions when they touch our lines. Rainy season is also a time of brownouts but we are glad that our cooperative is always on guard to prevent these service problems and always ready to restore power to consumers who expect nothing less than reliable service.
In anticipation of the wet season, there have already been preventive measures done by our line workers. They have already securely anchored some of the poles located in open spaces and exposed to strong winds. Old poles have been replaced, trees near the lines were trimmed and lines were cleared of kite strings and foreign objects.
Actually, work to be done never cease in our coop. But what is important is realizing of a problems, asses the problem, take stock of the real situation and solving the root cause of the problem.
We are proud that NOCECO is extra careful not to be caught flat-footed by any problem. The coop beleives that the best PR is still good service.
We salute our technical men, who have acquired valuable skills on the job and know our system like that back of their hand. We will survive the La Niña, won't we?