by Eddie M. Yap

Working hard for his dream
    He's just humble to admit it but Jose N. Martinez has actually been reaping already the reward of his long toil as a hardworking and responsible father.
    Blessed with only two children who are now both professionals with stable job, Joe could now well afford to lead an easy life. But as a person who loves to work, Joe maintains his efficient performance as overhauling chief mechanic at the coop motorpool.
    Beaming with fatherly pride, Jose relates his elder son Jay, 26, is now a mechanical engineer and connected with MOOG, a multinational company based in Baguio City that manufatures parts for the flight control system of aircraft like Boeing 777,747 and 767. NASA is one of their customers. Jay is with the production department.  Her younger daughter Jean,25 is a nurse and working in a private company in Bacolod City. Both are still single and have bright future with their company.
    "Besides the Lord, I also attribute the success of my children to my wife Emelinda who has instilled in them home-grown discipline since they were kids. She also nurtures them with the teachings from the Holy Bible," Joe reveals. He and his family are faithful members of the Jehovah's Witnesses.
    Joe joined NOCECO in 1988 and he thanks GM Lamberto Canlas for his employment. He started as a mechanic but was promoted to a leadman on the same year. With his dependability, he was again promoted as overhauling section chief in 1991 until he reached his position today.
    Presently, Joe has four men under him at the motorpool. "As their chief, I expect them to keep on learning new things while doing their job. I see to it that no communication gap exists among our group so as to maintain our smooth working relationship," says Joe with a smile on his ruddy face.
    On his day-offs, Joe prefers to spend his time inside his home. "This is the only time I can relieve my wife from the household chores. I do the cooking, laundry, ironing clothes, etc. to give her a well-deserve rest on weekends."
    Prodding him a bit, Joe reveals that his ultimate dream in life is to acquire a lot and a house for each of his children. Perhaps it's one reason why he keeps on working hard.
    With the kind of traits that Joe has, it's not far fethched that he will realize his dream sooner that he expects.