P R E S I D E N T S    F O R U M
Atty. Manuel V. Digon, Jr.
        I would like to cite our coop employees who did their part in making our recent District Electrions a success.
The elections held in four District, simultaneously in III,IV and V, went smooth and easy with only minor problems but were readily attended to by the MSD personnel.
        My congratulations to the three new directors elected. With their track record Atty. Dag Pandan (District IV), Raul Millan (District V), and ramon Bilbao (District X) would indeed be an asset to our board. Of course the board is also glad with the presence of Jose Nicanor Espinosa who replaced Rene Silos, now APEC Congressman at the board. The victory of our new directors reflects the wise choice of member consumers in their respective districts.

        It is a big privilege to be voted again as president of the board this year. I know that with the wholehearted cooperation of my colleagues, the management staff and personnel, we will be able to weather any problem that may confront the coop in this very critical year. As this is my last term with th eboard, I am hopeful that with the assistance of Mayor Enrico Elumba of La Castellana and Mayor Marcelo Aguirre, Jr. of La Carlota City, we will be able to light up more barnagays and sitios in Area II within the next three years.
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