by: Lamberto Mercado Canlas
General Manager
System Improvement always a priority
The energization of the 10 MVA sub-station in Binalbagan recently is truly a remarkable event in the history of NOCECO. Its operation greatly improves the quality of power in Binalbagan, Isabela, Hinigaran, Himamaylan and would considerably reduce our systems loss and low voltage problem.
Since the start, our coop plans has been giving priority to systems improvement. Our consumers keep on increasing and the coop must upgrade its services to cope efficiently with the demand. I believe that the best PR is still good service.
With upgrading of power in these fast-growing municipalities, it is likely that investors would be encouraged to come. May I remind consumers that NOCECO never had a lull in the earnest desire to give efficient, reliable service. It is earnestly aiming to light up the entire countryside in the third millennium.

The management unrolls a warm welcome to our newly elected members of the board. We're glad to have three new members who appear enthusiasting the right choice. My heartfelt congratulations to Raul Millan of District V, Atty. Dag Pandan of District IV and Joaquin Bilbao of District X. Of course my congratulations too, to Atty. Nonoy Digon Jr., who was unopposed in district III and for being elected again as president of the board this year. Our board will certainly get a big boost with two lawyers as member.

 We consider our employees as the most valuable asset of NOCECO. It is for this reason that despite the hard times, the management keeps sending them to seminar to improve and enhance their skills. Knowledgeable and resourceful employees are what we need to keep up with the advancing time.


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