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Steve (aka Esteban)

*All of the win 98 tweak guide are written by  Michael Fowler of Tweak3d
Windows 98 Tweak Guide/FAQ
Now clean out your root directory (C:\ for example). Make sure you know what you are doing! Do not delete anything important.
Next, erase as many icons off your desktop as you can. There is debate over whether or not this frees up much memory but I think it does, besides, if you have a lot of crap on your desktop then it is confusing anyway.
Now if you want power management , which I don't like it, you should skip this step. Set both the monitor sleep times and hard drive spin down times to never.
Now you may want to have the boot menu always appear, turn off automatically start the autorun.inf when a CD is inserted, these can be accomplished by Tweak UI.
Run Windows update frequently and get the latest patches & drivers. That's it for this section of the tweak guide, now on to the Advanced Tweaks.
Advanced Tweaking & Customization
This section helps you the now advanced computer nerd smooth out your Windows 98 computing experience with a bit more in-depth hacking. The first part of this section covers the BIOS (Basic Input Output System) optimization. I know you cant look at this on the same computer monitor and hack your BIOS at the same time so read carefully or print it ;].
This is a very simple thing to do. You really just have to mess around in the BIOS and figure out the best settings (NOTE: Write down all BIOS settings before changing anything [a good idea]). If you see something that says wait=4, set that lower. If you see something that says slow, change it to fast. You may want to disable the advanced power management if your BIOS supports it.
Now run sysedit from the Start Menu/Run. Check your autoexec.bat and config.sys files for any old DOS drivers or programs like DOSKEY or crap like that is just not used anymore. Go to the Tweaking/hard drive section and get the vcache settings for 32 & 64Mb ram.
Go to the Control Panel/Sounds section and turn off all those "cute" sounds. Not unless you really want them, but I recommend disabling them.
Go in the Control Panel/System/then Ports Com&LPT, and change all Com ports to hardware and 57600.
Now to gain more performance, Overclock your processor. Consult your motherboard manual before doing anything. This is a great way to gain performance. The biggest tips to remember about overclocking is to increase the bus speed, not the multiplier. Although some of you may not like him, one of the best sites for overclocking is Tom's Hardware.
If you really want great performance and reliability go buy a program like Norton Utilities or First Aid 98. With programs like these you may notice very big performance increases.
I know this guide is somewhat short, but I wanted it to be quick and to the point and I feel that is what I accomplished. I hope it has helped you with at least some performance increases as well as increased stability. Please check back frequently for updates and new speed tips. What took the most time with this article was the research, so I hope I got everything correct. If not just e-mail me. Have fun :)

Written by Michael Fowler(cyprex).
All information in its source form is copyright © Tweak 3D & Associates 1998. 

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