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Tweaking your CD-Rom drive
Can you tweak a Cd-Rom? Well, a little... Follow these few steps to gain some performance.
Results may vary, and I make no guarantee that you will succeed or gain ANYTHING from this. Use these tweaks at your own risk. These tweaks are for Windows . It works for windows 98 too.

The first step to successfully tweaking anything is downloading the newest drivers. For the ones you need, check out the drivers headquarters.
Enabling DMA
Enabling DMA (direct memory access) will not give you a huge increase in speed, but will take load off your CPU. Not all Cd-Roms can enable this, or use it successfully, so results will differ. After enabling it try some games out. If it seems to take less time to start reading and the games seem to be running faster then it is working fine. If the Cd-Rom is not working correctly then you should disable it.

To enable DMA on your Cd-Rom drive:
Right click My Computer on your desktop, choose Properties. Click the Device Manager tab. Click the + next to CDROM. Double click on your Cd-Rom (which should be shown next to CDROM). Click the Settings tab at the top. Check the box that says DMA. Now reboot. If it didn't work like you thought then you can disable it.

Cd-Rom Cache
Some people set their cache small (for who knows what reason) but I like to set it high. Your Cd-Rom may already have a big cache set, so check and make sure.
Right click My Computer on your desktop, choose Properties. Click the Performance tab. Click the File System button below. Click the Cd-Rom tab at the top. Make sure your Cd-Rom is set to Quad-speed or higher, even if it's not. This will just let you use an extra big cache. Now, make sure your Supplemental cache size is the largest it can be. It should be 1238 KB.
Optimize your memory cache even more by downloading 
Tweakall that increases memory cache. Get the file from  ME, and just double click it.

is a great program for optimizing cache of your Cd-Rom. At first I doubted it, but after trying I was amazed. Making changes to your cache is faster than ever because the program resides in your system tray.
Check this program out.. it is well worth your time. Do some benchmarks yourself if you don't believe me, this program is it from
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