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From Computer Buyers Guide,. We now move on to tweaking your  computer to squeeze out every inch of strength it has. So you get your money's worth!!! As you read on you will see links to the best FREE software utilities your computer needs. Then you will know how the heck did you survive without them.
NO, I will not go to overclocking guide to your celeron or k2. Instead we will tweak your cd-rom, hard drive, system and your modem.
NO, I did not think of all of this but I got it from different sites on the web. My gratitude to them for the niceties they did to my  computer. I will always use this tweaks on my celeron 500, win 98 system, 128 mb, dvd and cd-rewritable drives, 6.8 gig hd, Labtec 3D Spatializer
Sblive audio subsystem and hp 710c deskjet., and SupraExpress 56 Sp modem.

If you are not playing Delta Force2, where have you been? Stuck with you kids game Quake! Or still killing those Zergs? Wake-up! DF2 is the best!


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Here are softwares that are full, all working, No crippleware.
PLEASE e-mail me of any program that may cross your mind and I will try to post it.

Do not request programs more than 5 megs, my server (thanks to JUDE CHUA) will kick me.


Other program files are available, however if you want to receive a list of progz that

I can give you, send me your request.


1.Memturbo--this program will reclaim memory leaks. Caution. Before playing games, run it then close the program. After playing the game you can
Re-start it from the  start-up folder.

2.Tweakall-- this is a very nice win9x utility. A MUST HAVE! Contents include HDD and CD rom
Cache optimizer.

3.Eremove-- preview, check, delete e-mail at your
Server w/o downloading it. You can then download
E-mails you want.
Freedom from overload/spam!!!

. Jetcar--download manager that subdivides your
Program into 4 or more parts, then simultaneously
Download all parts. Faster than any other program.

.Advanced Dialer--dial multiple telephone nos.
To connect to  your isp. Will re-connect, monitor
Time usage, even calculate money spent.


6. PatternStitch- if your wife is into cross stitch then you can make your own pattern with this program.

7. Fine Print- If you print many documents, create booklets or print multiple pages in one bond paper. Up to 8 pages printed in one paper!

8. Rescue- repair win95/98 crashes by going back to where windows is functional. It creates backup of all systemfiles and you can restore it when you can not boot into windows. MUST HAVE.

9. CdExpress. This is the award winning cd cache optimizer

10.CDspeed 99. You want to know how fast your CD-rom really is? Use this and you will know if they have been lying all along about those 50X, 40X CD_Roms

11.StartDrive. Create a shortcut of all your folders in the start menu. A cascading menus just like the programs will be created. This can give easy access to what is insude your hard drives. ANOTHER MUST HAVE.

12. Memory Elevator. This is like memturbo but it does not start on boot-up, instead you can click from a desktop shortcut so that you can have total control when you want to increase ram anytime.

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