Marketing Strategies

How you can boost your sales 

The internet marketing model 

"Your average net surfer is like a lost puppy.  

Yes, that puppy will bite if you pull its tail." 

Imagine when you walk out your door tomorrow morning, you see this cute little puppy. It is obviously lost and is very frightened. It does not know who to trust. How do you win its trust so it will come to you?  

You certainly do not pick up a couple of stones and throw them at it. You now it will run away.

You do not run at it at a hundred miles an hour and try to grab it. It will run away.

You probably crouch down, put a smile on your face, and in a very friendly voice say "come here, fella."

You go back inside and get a tasty treat for it. Outside you crouch down again and say "come here, fella, look what I have for you."

He does not come so you place it on the ground and take a couple of steps back. Very timidly he edges towards the treat, grabs it and runs back to the other side of the yard again.

Once he has eaten the treat. He thinks, "gee that was good. I wouldn't mind another."

He looks over to you and you are holding out your hand with another tasty treat calling him over nicely. He thinks, "well nothing bad happened last time and that treat sure did taste good." So this time he is prepared to come a little closer to get the treat.

Now you know if you try to grab him this time, he will run off. He sure would not fall for that trick again.

So you keep encouraging, feeding him tasty treats. Slowly but surely, you are winning that cute little puppy's trust.

Before you know it, he is running around, yapping happily. He is jumping up for a cuddle, licking your face with affection.

Yes you have won a friend. In fact, now he follows you around where ever you go. This is the model for all your internet marketing activities. Whenever you are planning a new internet strategy, make sure it would pass the "lost puppy test."

When you are planning your internet site make sure it has plenty of tasty treats that your prospects are going to want to keep coming back to get. Yes, the more you give, the more you get.

Just like the few tasty treats you invested in that puppy earned you years of friendship and a loyal companion, so it is with your prospects.

Invest a little in them, so they can get to know you. Over time they will come to trust you. They will start turning to you for advice.

Before you know it you are their trusted supplier.  

Do not shoot off uninvited e-mail to every news group and anyone else's e-mail address you can lay your hands on. Just like that puppy, they will think you are throwing stones at them and run away as fast as they can. Even if you are really throwing tasty treats at them, they will think it is a stone and run away regardless.

Remember I said the puppy will bite if you pull its tail. So it is with prospects on the internet.

If you start madly e-mailing all the news groups with advertising messages, they are likely to bite you. For example, they could send you endless junk e-mail messages making it very difficult for you to process all your e-mail. Maybe they would even overload your service provider, who would probably just close your account. They may send you endless junk faxes or clog your telephone lines with automatic dialers. Yes, they will bite if you pull their tail.

 But, if you treat your internet prospects right, they can be loving, loyal customers for life.  

 The golden rule of internet marketing

"Do not get side tracked"

Question: What are you trying to do?

Answer: Market your products.

 Question: Do you need to understand the technical details of how a printing press works to plan your newspaper or magazine advertising campaign?

Answer: No.

Question: Do you need to understand the technical details of how the internet works to plan your internet advertising campaign.

Answer: No.

Curiosity kills the cat. Leave the technical details to the techies. Too many people get sidetracked from marketing into technical details. The internet is a very exciting environment, with amazing new developments hitting the headlines daily. But you have a mission. Your mission is to sell sell sell.

Suggestion: Team up with a techie. When you see something interesting tell him about it. Say I was thinking we could use it in our marketing program like this, what do you think.

Let the techie check it out and fiddle with it. With his technical background he may even suggest better ways to do it. You will have more time to sell, sell, sell. You will make more sales. You will both be happy. This is what you call a win win situation.

Do you let a techie run your internet marketing program?

The other extreme is management and your marketing people say to themselves:

"This internet stuff, it sounds all a bit complicated to me."


 "The internet, that's got something to do with computers hasn't it - let me out of here."

"Joe is the person that looks after that, he is a techie and seems to know a bit about the internet, so we just leave him to it."

Can a person with no experience or training in marketing really do justice to your product?

Get him help now. You are abdicating your responsibility and you are not being fair to Joe.

If Joe is really keen to do it - get him some books on the basics of direct marketing (see book list) and make sure he reads them. Then and only then get him some books on internet marketing.

Then put an experienced marketing person in place to review the techies work. It may only take a couple of hours a week but the words of wisdom passed on could make a significant difference to this promotion and many in the future as well.