t h e  S Q U A T T E R
"Your Worst Nightmare!!!"
 you have reached the part of my page which i found hard to do. it's due to the fact that i am not 
comfortable to speak things concerning myself. however, if u really want to know more than what's
in here, email me and i'll try to answer your mails...

Hmmm.... what now??? Meet the Squatter: JAMES R.V.D... R. V. stands for... my other name (not frequently used) and my mother's maiden name. I came into this world
on the 16th day of February, ?? years ago . Why want my age???
 My interests lie in playing Lawn Tennis and investing my time on mIRC! But it seems these days my racket has been hanging loose for quite so long now. Anyone of you want to buy it?
As for my mIRC life, well.....it's normal i think......i'm far from being an addik!!! I just use it to communicate to familiar ppl who are quite far from my place. U can find me either in #filipino (the channel that's always overcrowded) or #auspinoy (so far the KeWLeZ channel in Undernet!) if u want, u can meet me there. BEWARE THOUGH! Cuz I MACK often!!!
My NiCk? i leave it for you to find out...
oh, i forgot, i also frequent #cebu, for it gives me updates on what is happening to my high school city!

AbOuT SkEwL, i'm OuT of TheRe!! I GrAd wItH Da dEgRee, BSCS - Bachelor of Science Major in Common Sense!...*har* har *har* .... nah it's Computer Science. SeEn ThOse CoMpUtEr FrEaKs ArOuNd? I'M OnE oF TheM!!!!....sad to say... ;-)
I GrAdUaTEd LaSt March 23, 1997 and i'm proud to tell you that I'M A DEANS LEASTER!!! 8-)
(please take not of the SPELLING....i'm not that intelligent ya know!)
Wonder how i have achieved that??? Hard Work and Alcohol! hehehe. It's simple as that! Or....
.....leave your brains behind! and just wander around while school's startin'. Got it???
Moreover, I'm an ADDIK!( honestly speaking).....that's to coffee and mIRC...well, who wouldn't be if you're stayin' on an Internet Cafe[email protected]%*  Now, who wants to join me in the ReHaB??? 

That's all for now folks before i become an EGOTIST!!!      
    Don't forget to EmAiL me....and sign the guest book!