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THaNk YoU fOr ViSiTiNg mAh WeB PaGe!

The origin of this WP actually started as a requirement for a certain major subject in
a Computer Science course.
HoWeVer, it SeEmS ThAt I'm hAvInG FuN wHiLe MaKiNg ThIs......I'll dO mY bEsT To uPdAtE
ThiS Squatter's Area OfTen!
ThE tItLe BaSiCaLLy reveals my UnReAdiNeSs in making this WP.
!!! In Short, this was done in a hurry !!!
I hope you'll enjoy your stay in this BORING page of mine!
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If ThErE's ThErE'S AlSo OuR
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??? Rn't   U   CoNtEnTeD YeT ??? 
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