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Master Morihei Uyeshiba (1883-1969)


* Perseverance * Proficiency * Preservation *

Founded on 1992

By Maxwell Maun

Club History:

It was in December of 1983 when I went back to Bacolod. I started to look for a credible group practicing Aikido but I found none at that time. The closest martial art group to Aikido existing in Bacolod During that time was KODOKAN JUDO under the Negros Occidental Paglaum Judo Club, headed by Sensei Antonio "Boy" Mondejar.

I decided to join the group and continued to enhance my JUDO training. After five long years of dedicated Judo practice. I asked permission from Sensei Mondejar if I could share my young knowledge of AIKIDO with some of my fellow Judokas. He allowed us to practice during Saturdays and it was the beginning of a synergetic endeavor. First, we started with only three learners. They were Henry Aguillon Jr., Richard Negare, and Joel Ortega. Leo Zabala and many others whose names I can no longer recall later joined me.

Later, Leo Zabala introduced me to Dr. Emmanuel Rey "Boy" Katalbas and his wife "Babes" Katalbas both also were interested in learning the art. It was the start of a good friendship and BAE was conceptualized and later was organized as a non-profit hobby group for Aikido enthusiast in 1992. Young professionals coming from different fields joined us. There are doctors of Medicine, Dentistry, Lawyers, Engineers, Medical Sales Representatives, Bank Employees, and others.

To date BAE still continues to propagate Aikido in its practical and functional sense. BAE aims to foster goodwill and brotherhood among men and build a society with men better in body and most of all in character.

Aikido is a natural art, there are no sets of pre-designed moves or KATAS. It follows the law of nature, the very basic and fundamental is to allow your opponent to go where he wants to. Do not meet his force head-on, rather try to blend with him in tandem. Aikido should be dynamic, progressive, and inter-active. There is freedom in Aikido. A technique will always be correct if the principles and the natural laws of Aikido are present.

Our ultimate goal in Aikido is to conquer ourselves. Control is the key factor. "Never shoot a sparrow with a cannon." If we are in total control then we can call ourselves true masters of AIKIDO.

-Maxwell J. Maun

Prime movers:

*Glen Alerta * Atty. Danilo Amisola * David Amisola, *Dr. Marty Arellano * Lala Barton *

* Dr. Grace Cape * Atty. July Cape * Benjie Casipe * Jolly Carpena * Ray Caritativo *

* Jose Conado, Jr. * Enrico Elumba, Jr. * Pia Estampador * Eric Keith Elumba *

*Dr. Elizabeth Garaygay * Roberto Garaygay * Joel Garcia * Boy Garingalao *

*Susan Garingalao * Dr. Joel Haresco * Dr. Efren Javelosa * Babes Katalbas * Boy Katalbas *

*Elaine Lora * Jojo Magbanua * Hector * Vheng Salazar * Dr. Jana Joy Tusalem *

* Leo Zabala *


Second Generation:

* Brian Baylon * Nilo del Carmen * Rosyl Mohametano * Ulyses Pacheco * Cesar Peñaranda*

* Wilson *

Third Generation:

* James Bonnin * Frankie Calderon * Dr. Ging Ging Isiderio * Rhik-Rhik Bonitado *

* Kaye Sales * Boboy Maghari * Oliver Portus * Gigi Jomelesa *

* Ken Jaleco * Mike Ledesma * Bing Pama * Nene Canillo * Fritz Peñalosa *

* J.R. Lim * Jiji Magnabe * Jun Anduyan *


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