Universityof St. La Salle

The University of St. La Salleis a Catholic Institution Committed to give quality education accessibleto the poor. Animated by christian values, it aims to render service tohumanity by helping our people live a life of dignity to the fullest oftheir capabilities.

As a catalyst for transformation,USLS dedicated itself to strengthen the moral fiber of the Negrense communityand the nation as it works to preserve and enhance all that is good infilipino culture.

All these, in the La Sallian spiritof faith and zeal: to do everything for God and to attribute all to God.

THEN . . .

In 1952, La Salle-Bacolod was establishedthrough the guidance and effort of 3 founding father : Brother Felix Masson,Brother Hugh Wester and Brother Dennis Ruhland.

La Salle opened with 175 male student from Prep to grade 5, under 7 facultymembers. t The following decade saw the expansion of La Salle from Gradeschool to college. This was made possible through pledges, donations andfund drives actively participated by parents, alumni and benefactors.

In 1966, La Salle opened its doorsto the first batch of female college students whose influence on campusactivities increased as more and more ladies enrolled in the once-maleexclusive school.

During the February EDSA Revolutionof 1986 La Salle students did their share in conducting prayer rallies,fora and symposia on issues, and participating in street demonstrationand in the National Movement for free elections chapter in the provinceand in the city.

From 1987 to 1997, major infrastructure/constructionswere built on campus through externally funded grants and donations solicitedmainly by the office of the President.

On July 5, 1988, La Salle CollegeBacolod was formally elevated to University status and christened Universityof St. La Salle - Bacolod in rites graced by then Honarable Secretary ofEducation Lourdez Quisumbing.

AND NOW . . .

Today, the University of St.La Salle continues to make its presence felt distinctly as it consistentlyproduces leaders and key movers in the fields of Agriculture, Businessand Industry, Banking and Finance, Sports and Education, Communicationsand Performing Arts, and most notably, in governmentservice.

Known for its academic excellence,social research dynamism, and active community involvement and service,the University by rises to the challenges of the time - the need to exercisethe leadership role in the social transformation of Negros through a relevantand christian education of the Negrense youth.

As it was then, the University ofSt. La Salle, fired by the charism and vision of its founder - St. JohnBaptist of St. La Salle, endeavors to develop christian men and women whoare committed to excellence, competent in their professions, and activelyenvolved in the service of their fellowmen and women towards a more peacefuljust and humane filipino society.

"We have undeniably made aquantum leap towards excellence; clearly t here is a stronger and deepercommitment on our past to become world class. In some areas we have alreadyattained national stature; to wit:

* Number 3 Nationally in the CPABoard Exam
* Number 4 Nationally in the ECE Board Exam
* Number 1 in Region 6 in the Chemical Eng'g Board
Exams for the past 5 years.
* 100 % passing in the Nursing Board Exam and almost
100 % in the Licensure Exam for Teachers.
* Number 1 in Bacolod and Top 5 in Region 6 in the High
School Energy Competition, and * Overall NOPSSCEA Champions for the 8thyear in a Row
and Asian Silver Medalist in Nike's 3-on-3 Basketball

The list is actually longer, butit point to one clear trend: USLS
: 2002 world class" is fast becoming a reality and not a mere rhetoricaldream!"