Manuel's Family

Leopoldo E. Vinzon
57 years old
May 15,1940
He was the former employee of Veba Oil Operations in Tripoli Libya, as of now he is managing his own business - jeepney. For me he was a good father and a friend to me and for the rest of the family. As a father he make sure that everything is well prepared and he's always there if you need his advise and guidance. He also make sure that he meet the needs of his family, he is very responsible and a loving father. There's nothing more that I can ask for him that he has none - except of course money. Overall his a perfet father for me.

Jasmin L. Vinzon
56 years old
March 6,1941
She was a plain housewife, she is also very caring and loving, she also make sure that we - children - are in perfect condition and health. She is very particular with our health and managing the house. She also make sure that our needs are also meet such as our allowances and our basic needs such as clothing. She a good mother to all of us - Children.

Ana Sabrina Vinzon
18 years old
June 24, 1978
School : University of St. La Salle - Bacolod
Course : Biology
Year : Third year College

Paula Eleonor Vinzon
16 years old
Febuary 20, 1981
School : Sta. Theresita Academy - Silay
Year : Third year High School