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[ These tips were taken from "Making the most out of the internet" by A. M. Varon. At the infotech '96 (Nov. 30, 1996.). ]

Turn off the graphics in your browsers. Just to give you an example, a web page with medium graphics:

With graphics    : 02 minutes
Without graphics : 20 seconds

By default, Netscape turns on the graphics. If you want to turn it off, (click options, auto load images.) Turning it back on, do exactly the same.

Increase the Cache Memory. This is only applicable if you have lots of RAM(16mb+). Say you are finding info., and you always click the back button. Increasing the cache memory would instantaneously bring you back to the last access web pages faster. The usual default is 600 kb or 1024 kb. Increase it to 2048 kb or greater. In Netscape -- click options, network preferences, cache, memory cache.

Turn on Proxies.Frequently accessed websites are faster to load if you use proxies.


WebPage (with proxy)    : 30 seconds
WebPage (without proxy) : 1.5 minutes

In Netscape, follow this steps:

1. click options, network preference, proxies, manual proxy configuration,
2. In the http proxy, type In the port, type 3128.

Use lasaltech's news server.Probably, your news server is pointing at You could use the news server of lasaltech because it's located locally, it's faster.

If you have netscape: click on options, mail and news preference, servers, News(NNTP)server, and type,
If you have free agent: click on options, preference, system profile, news server, and type,

Use lasaltech's FTP server. Some popular software's can be found in Lasaltech's FTP server. Benefits? faster downloading and less online time.

Read web pages off line. If you see a website which is good, save it (click file,save.). Text will only be saved. Graphics, ignored. When you are not anymore connected to the Internet, open (click file, open.) the file and read it.

Open two netscapes at the same time. If you are accessing a web page which is slow, flip a new web browser! so therefore, while waiting for one to download you could search and do what you want with the other browser. Here's how: click file, new web browser. That's it.

If you have a great tip, mail me.