Rotary Club of Bacolod - West Masthead


Not to be just a cog in the Rotary wheel, but to be a part of its driving force, to make may Rotary attendance a joy and not to have it become a burden. To serve my club in any capacity in which I am backed to serve. To recognize my community as my particular plot of ground given to me to till, not only for my security, but for that of all mankind. To be an ambassador from vocation to my club, my community, and society, as I know I must vindicate my affiliation with Rotary. To be proud to associate with men of all colors, creeds, and races. knowing with deep conviction that international understanding is the root and not the fruit of international peace.

"SHOW ROTARY CARES" this Rotary Year 1997-1998.

To put Rotary to work where I work. To live Rotary where I live. In other words, I will make every effort of body, mind and spirit not just to be a member, but to be a ROTARIAN.