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Health is increasingly affected by a number of factors which the individual has little control of; social and economic circumstances, labor saving technologies and the information and communication revolution. The Filipinos, so with the counterparts from the developing countries, are now acquiring unhealthy lifestyles and behaviors of the industrialized world: sedentary occupations, inadequate physical activity, unsatisfactory diets, tobacco, alcohol and drugs.

According to the Department of Health one adult dies of heart disease every 10 minutes and half of such deaths are due to hypertension. Health statistics in Bacolod City and in the Province of Negros Occidental show that cardiovascular disease are among the leading causes of illness and deaths for the past several years. Diabetes have also been observed to have increasing prevalence among the Negrense.

The Rotary Club of Bacolod West, cognizant of these problems, has tapped a leading drug company, Med Asia/Le Servier, for assistance in the identification of persons who are at risk for heart diseases and diabetes and providing for a follow up mechanism for patients identified to be at risk or behave the disease. The project, began in RY 1993-94, started as a stroke awareness and diabetes screening project. Asthma screening was added in RY 1996-97. This Rotary Year, Cataract screening is in injected into the program.

With Republic Act 7719, which calls for ensuring the availability and access to safe, adequate blood, the government will be closing commercial blood bank. It means blood will be sourced from voluntary donors. The Rotary Club of Bacolod West sees the need to assist the government identify possible donors through massive blood typing activities.


Project Planning, Management and Execution

Over all Membership Participation

Value to the Rotary Club and the Community

Sir Winston Churchill once said, "One cannot rise to become a leader in a community in the civilized world without being involved in its problems, without being convulsed in its agonies," and inspired by its activities under the avenue of Community service for RY 1997-98. Community service is the Clubs' heartbeat, an avenue utilized to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of the Negrenses.

Community Service Projects for RY 1997-1998

Mini Olympics for Person with Disabilities

Alay Lakad 97


Since its initial implementation thousands of patients coming from the lower economic/bracket of society have availed of this project.

Tree Growing Project

Feeding Project

Sponsorship to RYLA 


Total Budget for Community Service Projects; P 31,500.00