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President's Profile


President : JULIANO L. CHIU

Club : Rotary Club of Bacolod West

Months before taking over the presidency of the Rotary Club of Bacolod West, Rtn. Julian regularly met with the incoming Board of Directors and made tentative plans for RY 1997-98 for the Induction of officers, selection of committee chairpersons under the avenues of service and fund raising activities. By July 1997 the committees were in place. Projects and budget for the year were presented during the club assembly and approved by the body.

As in the previous Rotary Years, the Rotarians started this Rotary Year inspired and committed to pursue the projects in accordance with the RI Presidents theme, which for this year is "Show Rotary Cares". DG Oscar "Oca" C. Nava, after his meeting with President Julian and the club Secretary PP Eunice I. Bedonia on his visit last August 19, 1997, commented that he has nothing more to suggest to the club. That means he was impressed with President Julian's leadership.

Despite his busy schedule with his business and family, President Julian has always given priority to the club affairs. His 100% attendance in club meetings and club project attest to this.

President Julian presides over the board meetings which he calls monthly. Projects are never implemented unless it has been discussed and recommended by the board for approval by the members. Under his leadership the club has a balanced club program of activities with at least 5 activities/projects per avenue of service undertaken during the current Rotary Year. Projects are so scheduled that there is 1 activity every month. With this scheduling many Rotarians are actively involved during the project's implementation.

The leadership of President Julian has the support of all past presidents of the club. RCBW is the envy of all Rotary Clubs in the province because it is the only club where past presidents do not "retire" after their term but are actively involved during the project's implementation.

Incentives for attendance during weekly meetings is an added attraction in the club. Aside from gifts for 100 percenters during the quarter, small items are being raffled every weekly meeting in addition to the cash award which comes from the P10.00 contribution of each member present during the meeting. This encourage Rotarian's to stay until after the meeting is adjourned. Monthly average for member's attendance for the last 8 months is 87.6%.

The club has a laser which player is played during the community singing to make that part of the meeting lively. This is courtesy from President Julian and 2 other members, Director Alex Uy & P.O. Gildore Ong.

Rotary Club of Bacolod West can boast of a healthy financial standing this Rotary Year. Club funds come from income from the souvenir Program for the 8th Induction Ceremonies, membership dues and proceeds from the Charity Bingo the club sponsored at Casino Filipino-Bacolod.

Rotary Club of Bacolod West has met all its obligations with Rotary International within the prescribe period of payment. It is also a subscriber of good standing of the Philippine Rotary Magazine.

President Julian traverse the communication superhighway to make contract with Rotarians from the other district/counties to look for possible partners for WCS projects of RCBW.

When President Julian assumed the presidency he was a reluctant president, doubtful of his capacity to lead. As the Rotary Year is about to end, he exudes self confidence and calm, with a sense of joy that his efforts for Rotary is not in vain.