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Dungganon translated literally from the Ilonggo, means "honorable", More than this, however, the word reflects the recognition of a people's right and capacity to achieve a sense of nobility for themselves on their own resolve.

Set up by the Negros Women for Tomorrow Foundation, Project Dungganon, a project to reduce hard-core poverty, is socio-economic program that works toward poverty reduction based on credit. It seeks to replicate the methods and procedures used in the establishment and operation of Grameen Bank of Bangladesh. The project provides the organizational set up for the poor to participate in and understand the process of their development while providing them with social and economic strength to deal with the realities of life and to continue struggling for better lives.

The Project is designed to serve women in rural households that belong to the lowest 30 percent of the population. Women in groups of five undergo rigorous training and education in the ideas and procedures of the Project before they can apply for loans. These loans should be for productive use only and are amortized for 50 weeks with interest, and the women in these groups work together to set up and maintain viable income generating projects that will enable them to repay the borrowed amount. The progress of each member is monitored through weekly meetings of groups with a certain area, presided over by trained Project Dungganon staff members.

As members, the women are required to live up to commitment that motivates them to raise their aspiration for a better life and instill the values of discipline, unity and hard work.

The specific objectives are to

Rotary Involvement

Rotary Club of Bacolod West with three partner Rotary Clubs from RI District 5240, California, USA has applied for Matching Grants for the Project. The applications were approved by the Rotary Foundation as follows:

Rotary Club of Atascadero $ 10,000.00 Dian-ay, Escalante
Rotary Club of Newbury Park $ 14,000.00 Bato, Sagay City
Rotary Club of Ventura Marina $ 10,000.00 Makiling, Sagay City

Two more applications for Matching Grant are being produced by The Rotary Foundation, one with RI District 5240 and another with The Rotary Club of Lafayette, Lafayette, Indiana.

Participation of The Rotary Club of Bacolod West

Value to the Community



World Community Service

WO 3573 is listed in the World Community Service Projects Exchange, Issue 2, 1997-98. The Project aims to provide potable water to every household, mostly of relocated squatters of Purok Rose, Bgy. Handumanan. The community which is currently relying on one hand pump well or drinking water.

This proposal has recently been presented to Rotary Club of Newbury Park, RI District 5240, whose WCS chairman has signified interest on the project. Negotiations is currently being arranged with that club to submit the project for a Matching Grant with Rotary Foundation.

New Paul Harris Fellow :  Rtn. Andrew Tan

Group Study Exchange Nominees :  Mary Grace Pavillar Castro and Ma. Socorro Victoria de Leon

Matching Grant Project:

In partnership with the Rotary Clubs of Atascadero, Newbury Park and Ventura-Marina, all of RI District 5240, 3 Matching Grants Projects were approved by the Rotary Foundation of Rotary International in the amount of US$34,000.00 for Project Dungganon. Project Dungganon is a revolving loan fund to assist poor women in the rural areas by providing working capital for micro enterprises like handicraft, food vending, sari-sari store, home made bread making.

Two more Matching Grants Projects for Project Dungganon are at present being applied for with the Rotary Foundation, one with RI District 5240 and one with Rotary Club of Lafayette, Indiana as partners.

As GSE Team Host:

Rtn. Andrew Tan and his family acted as host to GSE team member Maria Rosales Earnshaw of RI District 7710 during their stay here in Bacolod City.

The club hosted the GSE Team for one day, and brought them to a tour of San Miguel Brewery Plant & The Chinese Temple. The GSE team also witnessed distribution of books to one elementary school in the city.