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Terms and Condition: (This document applies to Lasalnet subscribers only.)

The Internet is not a commercial service but a cooperative community of over 60 million interconnected computer users. A lasalNET subscriber automatically becomes a member of this community. To remain a member of a good standing, a subscriber must:

1. Understand network etiquette and promote the efficient use of the network by minimizing unnecessary network traffic.

2. Check local sources before accessing those at distant sites.

3. Not take any action that would disrupt lasalNET, as a whole, or any equipment system or service on it, or any equipment or service provided over it by any other network it connects to.

4. Not attempt unauthorized entry into any network or computer system.

5. Not transmit any messages which may be offensive or in violation or any applicable law or regulation.

6. Not engage in mass distribution of any message, or use the network for advertising purposes. Messages may not be "broadcast" or sent in an unsolicited or intrusive manner.

Subscriber will be provided access to the Internet based on his choice of lasalNET service that meets his needs and budget.

Subscriber shall initially pay LASALNET the one-time set-up charge and the advance monthly service fee. Installation of Internet access shall strictly be done by a LASALNET technical engineer at the LASALNET office.

The monthly service fee shall be fixed for each plan. Subscriber shall be billed for the number of hours or a fraction thereof in excess of his free usage hours.

The free usage hours that are not used up in a month shall be forfeited and, therefore, shall not, in any case, be carried over to the succeeding month.

Subscriber shall pay his dues directly to Lasaltech, Inc. In Bacolod City.

Subscriber shall be billed within the first week of every succeeding month through e-mail and/or fax, upon Subscriber’s request. Subscriber shall be given a grace period of not more than 15 days from the date of his bill to settle his dues.

lasalNET reserves the right to suspend or disconnect without prior notice access of the Subscriber in the following instances:

failure to settle dues on time. Unauthorized transfer of subscription. Misrepresentation or false statement in the service agreement. Returned checks for any reason not imputable to the fault of lasalNET. Serious violation of network etiquette manipulation of an authorized entry to any of lasalNET’s computer program or system.

Internet access of Subscriber shall be reactivated upon settlement of Subscriber’s arrears, a reconnection fee equivalent to fifty (50) percent of the regular set-up fee of the plan, and an advance monthly service fee.

Subscriber agrees not to transfer this Agreement or any right or interest originating therefrom to any person or entity without prior written approval from lasalNET. The Subscriber shall be liable to pay all accrued charges pending approval. Upon approval of the same, the transferee or assignee shall be liable for any and all charges due on the account.

lasalNET shall provide Internet service-related technical service assistance to Subscriber in the circumstances other than those that fall under the following:

hardware and modem failure and other defects on any equipment (other than those acquired from lasalNET and covered by warranty) due to poor quality of equipment or negligence on the part of the user (lasalNET highly recommends the use of U.S. Robotics Modem 14.4 or 28.8 kbps for best connection.)

telephone line underground cabling problem arising from the other party the Subscriber is trying to communicate with circumstances consequent to any fortuitous events such as fire, earthquake, natural calamities and other incidents beyond human control.

Subscriber may terminate this agreement subject to formal written notification and payment of any outstanding dues and the full advance monthly service fee for the period covering the effectivity of termination.

Advance payments other than that for the period covering the effectivity of termination, shall be refunded net of any outstanding dues within two weeks after formal written notification for termination from Subscriber. No set-up and initial advance monthly service fee, however, shall be refunded after installation is completed and proven successful.

Demand letters or any correspondence pertaining to judicial or extrajudicial action to be taken by lasalNET against Subscriber shall be sent by mail or by personal delivery to the address stated by Subscriber in the application form and shall be considered sufficient notice for legal purposes. Subscriber who refuses to settle any obligation to lasalNET and moves out of location shall be published in selected national dailies.

An additional sum equivalent to twenty five (25) per cent of the total sum due, but not less than P1000, in payment of attorney’s fees and other litigation-related expenses such as collection, photocopying, notarization, etc. As provided for in the rules of Court shall be charged to Subscriber.

The remedies hereby conferred upon lasalNET shall be and are in addition to and cumulative with such other right of actions a lasalNET may have in accordance with the present and future laws of the Philippines.

Venue of all actions arising from and/or in connection with this agreement shall be solely in the proper courts of Bacolod City, Negros Occidental.