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1. those nubile freshmen babes!
2. brewed coffee
3. cellphone-toting yayas
4. red horse after class
5. god-forsaken ROTC office
6. irregular classes
7. killjoy security guards
8. nighttime classes
9. daily pusoy behind the utility
10. my schedule!!!
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date: june 14,2001 time: 7:14am

what a coming-back-to-school thing for me. got bumped with my old batchmates. some of them are shifting to an easier course. some of them are having their practicum. a former classmate asked me if they could have their practicum at lasaltech [where i do the www thing]. hehehe.. not bad for a guy like me, dropped out of school last year and i can still remember them taunting me on quitting school and look! well....
its game four of the NBA Finals. the sixers have to regroup to save their game and their asses. or else.
wanted to your work to be my featured project? dont hesitate to mail me!


date: june 13,2001 time: 5:21am

sorry for the irregular updates. hehe. i havent had the time for my uploading of files coz i aint got an internet connection at home anymore. for the past two nights, i arrived at home a little tipsy from a drinking session, especially last monday. the activeweb pple had a drink at quadnet, a bar near our school. we were all there, including jory, whom finally, we were able to persuade to drink. hehe. his former classmate at school was even surprised that his friend was able to down a bottle of san mig lite.
come tuesday.. its our city fiesta here and at first ive got no plans to roam around the plaza for the fiesta but my barkadashit, jan michael arrived at home . hehe.. so off we went. finished off 6 bottles of red horse, mind you cherie, it was RH500, before 10:00 because mom made me to vw that i will be back before 10 so that i had to go to school early. [I HATE 7:30am CLASSES]


date: june 12,2001 time: 6:09 pm


are we truly free????


date: june 11,2001 time: 12:27 pm

baloney of halfproject just updated his site. check it out!!!
are you an irc-icq-yim-aim-type of person? try this and you'll see the difference!


date: june 11,2001 time: 9:52 am

sweetanarchy is now online! im still waiting for that webhost to give me back my domain.hehe. its now way through game three of nba finals between the lakers and the sixers. destiny or dynasty? i would also like to thank the 5 pioneering webheads for their desktop submission over desktop project. we have six new screens featured. check them out! by the way, any of you guys want to be showcased at the featured project, any new sites to shout, dont hesitate to mail me!


date: june 10,2001 time: 7:43 am

soooo excited for school to start. our classes will start this coming june 13. but the downthing here is that i have a 7:30 am class. my schedules' okey, most of my classes are of evening sked. i quit my job as webdev at quadtech and i have asked my good friend, ivan to take over the work. im now working parttime at lasaltech,same designation, same job but different and definitely better folks! i have now developed an addiction to the iced coffee at music unlimited cafè near our school.


date: june 4,2001 time: 3:51 pm

berger's 2nd is now up! reminds me of my first communion at church! join the preaching season and be enlightened!


date: june 4,2001 time: 7:05 am

ah...back from our family escapade. went dolphin watching and scuba diving. ill publish some of the pix i got there soon. and.. by the way, you wondered why the blog's entries here was written way before it was released? well, while i was still designing and contemplating the features and contents of the different sections, i have somewhat made it my organizer, diary, tickler-all in one... oh well, gotta go back to school to have my ID pic taken. (=
im gonna upload this at lasaltech after id finish my school chores. and if time permits, id be releasing this by wednesday.


date: may 30 2001 time: 9:49 pm

new theory up at DiK.
bersirc, an alternative to mIRC, released its new version. try it and see the difference. you can view the screenshot of my bersirc client here.


date: may 29 2001 time: 6:55 pm, one of the largest art/
skin/desktop community in the world wide web, closed shop. another victim in these ungoing revolution in the world wide web.


date: may 28 2001 time: 6:14 pm

im finally going back to school! whew! after a year of bumming around, i decided to give school a shot again. being educated is sooo important these days. its like your passport to good, here, as i went to that university to get my grades evaluated, i had quite an eyeful when i see some überbabes roaming around!


date: may 25 2001 time: 5:00 pm

this site is still undergoing some updates, i'm in the middle of adding in some new features to administer this site as well as de-bugging some sections. it should be fully opperational in a few days! i'll keep you posted! meanwhile,try to visit my nook at deviant art at this addy:


date: may 25 2001 time: 4:00 am

hey! welcome to sweetanarchy 3rd release.
im in the process of adding some features and graphics here. im keeping this page open but still im not gonna show it to the general public. you can email me about ur comments and suggestion through my mail here. (=