A sweeping view of the different modes of transportation and transport service points. The Banago seaport, the Bacolod Airport and Bacolod South Terminal - transport hubs serving various transport carriers will give the children a close look at transport systems, the inside of a boat, an airplane, a bus and a container van. The tour caps with a special treat: a joy ride on a jeepney or a tricycle!



         A close look at Mother Nature: Children will build bonds with animals as they get a chance to see, feed and touch animals, as well as get a close look at some of Negros' endangered species - the spotted dear, warty pig, wild cat, monitor lizard, kalaw and more! The journey through nature includes tours to agricultural plantations as well as fruit and vegetable gardens with an opportunity to taste those in season. A special memory for kids on this tour will be carabao ride around the farm.



        A day camp for 3-11 year olds. Each kid will be given a personalized art kit and will be taught the basics of drawing, coloring and painting. Lessons in chocolate-making and play-dough production, integrated with story-telling, clowning, magic and tricks will entertain the little tourists. The day caps with a chance to play, swim, or go horseback riding.



        This is a basic course every teenager and young adult should pass. On a mountain resort, each one will be given lessons in outdoor survival, cooking and first-aid. The resort's lifeguard will give basic swimming lessons to those who do not yet know this basic skill. After a full course, hiking, trekking, climbing and exploring with the services and assistance of the resort's guide will cap the day. This is a must for outdoor lovers and nature enthusiasts, surely a worthwhile learning experience.



       This tour is full of learning... and fun! Learning will come from tours of sugar centrals, a beer brewery, an alcohol plant & a water purification plant. Fun will come from a thrilling train ride to a sugar farm and a stint in a beautiful mountain resthouse that offers a sweeping view of the lowlands, and on a clear day, even across the sea!

*Note: This tour may be extended for another day. Other industrial plants shall be included in the itinerary as per the group's request.



Dumaguete Cultural Tour

        An exciting two-day learning experience to Negros Oriental's quaint capital city --- Dumaguete. The students will be taken on a tour to Talisay Tree House, Bacong Stone Craft, Bacong Pipe Organ, Dynowest Farmers, Banica Swimming Pool, Bell Tower and Verna's Orchid Farm. To cap it off, the students will be brought to the Provincial Capitol, Siliman University, Freedom Park and Sidlakan Negros.




Super Kiddie Holiday

        Emanating from Bacolod City, this day tour to the neighboring island is recommended for children 3 to 12 yrs. old. After a ferry boat ride where the children see first-hand the "brain" of the ship, they will go on a tour to a mini-zoo and a marine preservation center where they will see serious species of birds, wild cats, deers, dogs, tortoises and marine wildlife. A museum and science center where the children's scientific queries will be answered is a storehouse of knowledge. A trip to an amusement center rewards the well-behaved kids.


Paseo de Panay

        A one-day guided city tour to some of the famous old churches in Iloilo. The school shall be given the following churches to choose from (to fit within the 8 hr. time frame of the tour) --- Miag-ao Church, Sta. Barbara, San Joaquin Church & Cemetery, Tigbauan Church, Guimbal Church, Janiuay Cemetery & Church, Catabuan Church, Molo Church, Asilo de Molo, Pavia Church and Balaan Bukid. Industrial destinations may be added to the itinerary. A pilgrimage to remember....




Cebu Get Away

        A Cultural, Historical and Industrial tour to Cebu, the city which is dubbed as "the next great economic Miracle" Cebu basks in its enviable status as the most popular tourist and business destination in the Philippines. Famous landmarks are included in the tour. The Lapu-Lapu Shrine, Fort San Pedro, Magellan's Cross, etc. A guided tour to factories, plants, companies and other destinations within the city, depending on the course or line of interest of the students.




        A guided tour to the historical and religious sights of this province where tradition is revered. See the oldest stone church in the far east as well as many other old churches, each one with a character of its own and story to tell. Stand on the same ground where the blood compact was forged between Datu Sikatuna and Miguel Lopez de Legaspi in 1565, and have the time of your life through the natural wonders to behold: the Loboc River, Hinagdanan Cave and world-famous Chocolate Hills. Cruise upstream through Loboc River on board one of its unique "cruise vessels" where one can have lunch on board. Take a dip in the river's cool waters and swim by its falls. A most for all ages!!!




        Visit the "summer capital" of the Philippines --- Baguio. Where it is at last eight degrees cooler than in the lowlands. This place is gifted with a variety of cultural, historical and scenic attractions which make it an important and interesting destination. Take an exciting boat ride in the man-made lagoon situated in Burnham Park, have a tour around the former rest & recreation center of the United States Armed Forces -- Camp John Hay, go shopping at Mines View Park where one can have a breathtaking view of the hills and valleys of the Cordillera, and see the amazing eight wonder of the world; the Banaue Rice Terraces. Aside from all these, take a sample of their various delicacies and vegetables -- ube jam, strawberry jam, peanut brittle, lettuce, cauliflower, and more! This tour will surely make an imprint in your memory...


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