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        Experience the life-style of the proud Negrenses during the Spanish Era and visit one of the finest homes built by sugar money, vast sugar and rice plantation. Take a glimpse of Negrense Arts and Culture in the living Museums of Negros' past and have a first-hand encounter on how the clannish Negrenses prospered, suffered and survived the battle against poverty caused by the sugar crisis. The rise and fall of Negros, its rebirth, and the celebration for better things to come are all part of this heritage tour of Negros Occidental, the Sugar Capital of the Philippines.



        A city with a delightful contrast between east and west, between old and new... of tall; buildings and nipa huts, of modern steamers and scurrying native boats, of free-wheeling cars and jeepneys and slow-moving bullcarts and calezas. Iloilo offers a relaxed, leisurely life, fresh countryside air, scenic splendor, ancient culture, exotic handicrafts, a modern jet airport, a well-protected seaport, lovely beaches, and best of all, a people who have time to be warm and friendly...



        Sink your ankles deep into the softest, finest, whitest sand. Sand so friendly, you can't find it anywhere else in the world except in Boracay. It's like burrowing into sifted confectionery sugar, top-grade cake flour, or baby powder. Gentle, Gratifying. It's just got to be what the sandman sprinkles at dreamtime. Surely you will find your paradise in Boracay.



        Discover the City of Gentle People and stop wondering why it has become a favorite vacation spot! Feel the charm of friendly and hospitable people and the rustic ambiance of the place. For the visitor who wants peace and quiet, this is the perfect place for you. This is the place that will surely captivate you, for this town's name comes from root word "Dumaguit" which means "to hold captive".



        A mosaic of memories and fragments of fun. Dakak is a place unlike any other place you have experienced. The place to fulfill your fantasy of turning beach-comber for a few days. Infused with a romantic, fun-loving spirit that becomes infectious, this is the place where soulmates meet, where colorful traditions die hard, where endless days tick by the rhythm of slower clock. The splendour of the tropics. The spirit of adventure... all in this tour.



        Have your pick of the sweetest mangoes in the land!!! Visit the island that boasts of 8,000 hectares of Mango orchards, numerous resorts and golf courses. Come and experience Guimaras Island with its Roca Encantada, Isla Naburot, Isla Nagarao, Puerto del Mar, Trappist Monastery, Balaan Bukid Shrine, and whole lot more!!!



        Come and see the rustic charms of Bohol --- beneath this appeal lies a thousand and one adventures just waiting to unfold. Discover the picturesque province of Bohol replete with ancestral homes and century-old churches. One can hike over its rolling hills and plateaus, swim the crystal springs and beaches, cruise up the rivers, or just stroll down the avenues. Bohol is just waiting to surprise you...



        Come to the premier city of the south and discover why it is the regional growth center of Region 10! Visit Del Monte, Philippines and see how pineapples are grown, travel to Museo de Oro, a masterpiece of the past showcasing the Bukidnon and Maranao cultures that survived the ravages of time. Have a great adventure in the Macahambus Cave and Gorge located underground, have a shopping spree at Limketkai Mall, the biggest in Southern Mindanao, or shop for the best bargains of Muslim-inspired woven fabrics, batik prints and Marano goods at the Cogon Market!



        Visit the Gui-ob Church ruins, where the remnants of Mt. Vulcan's May 1871 holocaust, century-old belfry convent and church walls are still preserved. View the cemetery that sank in this volcanic eruption. Come to the Ardent Hot Springs, a natural pool of free flowing water excellent for therapy and discover the uninhabited white sand bar 2 kilometers away from the island. See the Camiguin Lagoon, a man-made lake along the shore. A challenging quest for; those who seek fun and adventure!!!



        Come to the premier gateway to many islands and tourist destinations northland south of the Philippines... Metro Manila. Here, churches, museums and theaters vie for the attention of history/culture buffs. Malls, boutiques, flea markets and antique shops offer endless surprises for shoppers and souvenir hunters. Nowhere else in the country can the visitors acquire a greater dose of local color, a better understanding of the country's multi-faceted culture, or as many glimpses of its contrasts as in the pulsating, vibrant metropolis!



        Enjoy the thrills that only Subic Bay can offer! Visit this former naval base and see its exciting historical, cultural and natural wonders. There is a lot more to see in this super-clean, well-organized and disciplined "city"... see the former marine barracks, the Spanish Gate which used to be the main entrance to the navy yard, the APEC villas, go jungle trekking and join the jungle survival training course, see a horde of fruit bats hanging around in Cubi Point, visit the mini-zoo and aquarium, the Binictican Housing where former American Officials used to reside... Best of all, have the best bargains and shop till you drop at their various shopping centers. This is truly a fun-filled enlightening tour!!!



        Sojourn to the land of many natural attractions. Visit the outskirts of the city proper and see the agricultural plains planted with exotic flowers and fruits -- rate the extrinsic orchids and blooms of different varieties!!! Cross over to the outlying islands that harbor beaches basking in the sun and go snorkeling or diving and see coral reefs teaming with marine life! Within its forests are sanctuaries of rare animal and plant species you will rarely see elsewhere. Surrounding hills and mountain ranges beckon with the promise of adventure!!!



        Visit Palawan and discover why it is called Asia's last frontier. An island paradise of tropical rain forests, exotic wildlife, cool tranquil, underground rivers and caves, sparkling beaches and unspoiled coral reefs. See the awesome Underground River, go-island-hopping at Honda Bay, forest-trekking at the St. Paul Subterranean Park and see monkeys and monitor lizards up-close in their natural habitat... the adventures are endless, you'll keep coming back!!!


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