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asaltech has the Internetworking experience, expertise and track record of innovation needed to get you on the information superhighway--the key to gaining a competitive edge in today’s business arena. Our proven technology and wide range of scalable solutions will keep you ahead of the pace of information flow. Choosing Lasaltech means the latest and most advanced technology at a very low risk factor and a high return on your investment.

Dial-up Accounts
  Choose from several subscription plans designed to address your needs whether you are a beginner or a power user. Select from a full range of Non-roaming or Roaming accounts adjustable for personal, group, or corporate usage.

Dedicated Direct Links
  A MosNet Direct/D account allows your LAN to access the Internet using an asynchronous dial-up router. One of our modem dial-up numbers will be dedicated for your exclusive use 24 hours a day--you'll never encounter a busy signal.

Leased Line Connections
  A MosNet Direct/L connection allows reliable, unlimited, and continuous access to the Internet for enhanced performance. You may also install Internet access to any location in the country through VSAT groundstations.

iPass Global Roaming
  Enjoy true Global Roaming through Lasaltech's/MosCom's membership in the iPass Alliance of international ISPs. You can access your MosCom account from any of the more than 2,918 cities in 150 countries worldwide which provides the iPass service. Subscribers of foreign ISPs who are iPass members will also be able to access their home accounts when they are in the Philippines by dialing-up a MosCom Point of Presence.

Virtual Hosting Services
  Set up your permanent Internet identity and presence without the need to maintain your own server, network, or leased lines. Have your web site mirrored in the Philippines or in the USA for faster access by your target audience.

Web Site Services
  Make your presence felt in the global community through your very own web site. We offer affordable rates for web page design and layout, redesign of existing web pages, and advertising assistance.

Other Services
  We can install your new MosCom account at any place you specify within Negros Occidental.  For corporate subscribers, Lasaltech  also provides integrated network, intranet, and Internet services including exclusive direct links. We can design a data communications plan that meets your requirements with a mix of leased-line, dial-router, modem, and server solutions. Lasaltech can provide a range of pre-configured dedicated servers with built-in Internet applications like proxy setup, mail, FTP, and the World Wide Web, as well as help you with the following:

  • Installation of a Pentium-based UNIX or Linux Internet server.
  • Design and configuration of a corporate intranet with Internet access and firewall-based security.
  • Installation of network hardware and software components.
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